Nuova Rotoflex S.r.l. - A more elegant package using our paper

The company Nuova Rotoflex S.r.l. specialises in flexography using up to six colours on a wide range of wrapping papers: from the ultra-fine tissue paper (18 gr/mq) to much heavier supports weighing between 40 and 100 gr/mq (counter papers, etc.).

In particular it specialises in the menufactoring of high quality tissue papers which are extremely resistant and have a uniform texture.

Their ice-coloured trasparency makes them very elegant thanks to the fine cellulose fibres used.

These tissue paper are well suited for printing on with light tints and covering colours.

They are used especially inside boxes for shirts, knitwear, lingerie, clothes, shoes, perfumes, liquors, confectionery, flowers, fruit and vegetables.